Eco Tourism


Spreading across an olive grove of 70 acres at the Southwest part of the island next to Korission Lake, Bioporos Organic Farm is an ideal ecotourism destination in Corfu. It offers organic restaurant, accommodation, cooking and other activities, as well as walking around the farm and hiking by the lake.

The information presented in this page is taken from the farm’s website  Visit for more information and booking requests for accommodation or classes. We will be glad to arrange transfer and escort to the farm. Or we may include a visit as part of an excursion.

Bioporos Organic Farm LakeKorission Lake is protected by Natura 2000, an unspoiled wetland full of rare flora and fauna species is waiting for you to explore! Being characterised as Special Bird Protection Zone, with 189 different species of birds, Korission Lake is the ideal place in Corfu island for bird lovers to observe, meet and discover some of the most beautiful birds ever! Hawks, eagles, ducks, herons and even flamingos can be spotted and if you visit us during migration period you will see lots of different species passing by as the lagoon is a common stop during their long trip.


Bioporos Organic Restaurant

Taste traditional Corfiot and Greek dishes at the organic restaurant, using ingredients that are produced organically in the farm.

Choose our “Cooking Activity” to participate in the cooking of your meal. Greek gastronomy is as ancient and rich as the Greek culture itself.  Agathi and Iro will show you how to properly cook the best known greek dishes! You will get to know the evolution of Greek gastronomy through the centuries and grab the chance to knead and bake your own bread and delicious pies in a traditional wooden oven.


Image may contain: foodYou may join a saponification and cosmetics class and make your own soap, body and hand cream and other cosmetics using only organic olive oil, honey and essences. Iro will be your tutor in this fun and educational experience.

Bioporos Organic Farm beekeeping activitiesGet close and learn about the magic world of bees.  You are more than welcome to get a close look at the beehives, meet this wonderful insect and get informed about the dangers that it encounters. Totally safe with the equipment offered, you will observe closely the process and the practices of traditional organic beekeeping. In addition, depending on the period of the year, you might enjoy one of the most complete ecotourism activities, participating in beekeeping, harvesting or the collection and processing of natural beeswax.


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Children will love walking around the farm and explore animals and plants. The horse and donkey will be waiting for you to caress them, whilst the sheep will transmit a wonderful feeling of calmness to you.